Our Cattle

The Angus cattle breed has grown in popularity over the past 50 years with both consumers and producers. The breed originated in the Scottish Highlands and is appreciated for its stoic climactic adaptability. Many prominent Angus cattle breeders have emerged in that half century, accelerating the quality of

Angus breeding in Victoria. Glen Alvie Angus has invested heavily in establishing a strong herd of Angus cattle.
We have developed our cow herd with genetics from leading Victorian breeders, including Banquet Angus, and Ballangeich. Our bulls have been purchased from a number of leading studs and we have not hesitated to pay top price to secure superior genetics. These include Pert Angus, Banquet, Anvil, and most recently Rennylea.

We are very proud of our most recent purchase in August 2020 and featured in the Weekly Times on August 26th https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/agribusiness/livestock-sales/stud-beef-sales/rennylea-charity-bull-in-honour-of-regional-womans-memory/news-story/038523d1ed9cd960bea44a4e05f743dc. We retain many of the progeny of these outstanding sires. Features of our sires include that they grow well on grass pastures and do not have grain supplements or hormone growth promotants. They are docile and easy to manage cattle, a pleasure to own and grow.

glen alvie angus paddock